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PRODUCTS - Domestic
We manufacture and supply commercial formulations in the oral solid dosage forms to our Customers based in United Kingdom providing them high quality products taking care of timely delivery of our services

We provide Bulk and Finished Packed oral dosage i.e. Capsules , Tablets
Product Tab/Cap Strength (mg)
PZA-500 Tab 500
PZA-750 Tab 750
PZA-1000 Tab 1000
Baycip250 Tab 250
Baycip500 Tab 500
BaycipTZ Tab --
Baycip uro Tab --
Resochin Tab 250
ResochinDS Tab 500
Omeprazole Cap 20
Doxicip Cap 20
IBU 400 Tab 400
Erycip 500 Tab 500
Silagra(sildenafil)100 Tab 100
Silagra(sildenafil)50 Tab 50
Cizetol(Carbamazipine) Tab 10
Ibu-400 Tab 400